In 2018, Grupo Comercial Chedraui plans to invest more than three billion pesos, equivalent to 3.8% of their annual sales exceeding 88 billion 500 million pesos for the opening of 44 new stores in Mexico and the United States.

"For Mexico, the approximate opening of 42 branches is contemplated with a distribution of 30% Stores Chedraui and 70% in smaller formats as Super Chedraui, Superché or Supercito, while in the United States, the expectation is two new branches, "he said corporate.

According to the guide results sent to the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) The company expects total revenue growth of 8% and 9%, while in Mexico anticipates an increase of 4% and 5% in same store sales in the US and 2% and 3% same store.

In Mexico, Chedraui expects an increase in EBITDA margin between 20 and 30 basis points in 2018, which comes from improvements in gross margin and non-profit corporate spending growth relative to the previous year.

"In the US self, we expect a growth between 10 and 20 basis points by a combination of higher gross margin and improved Sales Expense Ratio; in the real estate division we expect EBITDA margin similar to that obtained in 2017, "he added.



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