President of the Association of Autonomous Workers (ATA), Lorenzo Amor. EFE / File

Madrid, Nov. 15 (EFE) .- Last October autonomous Catalonia lost 1,259, which represented a decrease of 40 autonomous day, 0.23 percent less than in September, according to the National Federation of Self-Employed (ATA).

In a statement released today by ATA a drop of 549,258 to 547,999 autonomous collected in the last month, which, according to the federation, highlights the situation of political crisis in Catalonia.

Faced with these data, in the month of October 2016 totaled 1,344 community self-employed, ie, 43 new entrepreneurs every day and an increase of 0.24 percent.

President of the National Federation of Autonomous Workers, Lorenzo Amor, said that 63 percent of self-employed are "affected" by the fall in activity and sales, while in the sector trade the percentage of affected stands at 54 percent.

The figures show an increase of 20 percent low compared to October last year, while high are reduced by around 5 percent.

Lorenzo Amor added that these data are "not good" because they cause "an increase of close business and activities of autonomous and less entrepreneurship in Catalonia".


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