A majority of Australians were in favor of gay marriage on a postcard query whose results are reported on Wednesday, an informal initiative to be approved by parliament to become law.

Almost 62% of the 12.7 million of people who took part in the postal survey were in favor of allowing gay marriage, said the Australian Bureau of Statistics at a press conference in Canberra.


Further, almost 80% of voters participated in the poll said the head of the statistics bureau Davis Kalisch, Adding: "Australians can now rely on these statistics reflect the views of the electorate."

For couples of the same sex can marry, the Parliament, where the Conservatives blocked in the past advancing initiatives in this sense- It should adopt legislation that gives the survey formality of a law.

Thousands of supporters of the cause of equal marriage jubilation broke out in festive events organized throughout Australia when the result was announced.

The celebrations in Australia following the consultation on gay marriage (Getty Images)

"This means everything, this means everything," Chris repeated, barely containing her tears and hugging her partner Victor at a ceremony in Sydney.

With information from AFP


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