Thursday, January 18, 2018
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A group of women in Mexico seduces men in Tinder to assault them

A group of women in Mexico seduces men to assail Tinder

In the Mexico CityUntil use Tinder It could be dangerous. The Attorney General's capital Justice (PGJ) is investigating four complaints of assault on property of men in Miguel Hidalgo by women of a criminal groupReported Reform, Who had access to two of the four research folders.

Is about They seduced three women through dating application four men then drugging and loot in their apartments. He profile victimsSays the PGJ are people with high purchasing power, Important positions, single, with high-end cars and that live in the colonies Polanco or San Miguel ChapultepecWhere the average income is 30 thousand pesos.

The first of these complaints was filed Aug. 12 and three in OctoberSaid Guillermo Teran, Deputy Deconcentrated Investigatory in an interview with Denise Maerker in Radio Formula. He also noted that although it seems that criminals act in isolation, They have detected the same modus operandi of the criminal group that the "VIP Goteras".

Integrated mostly by prostitutes, The "Goteras VIP" sleep customers with a mix of eye drops and other medications pouring into their spirits and then steal their belongings. The most publicized case was in the 2009, when the Professional wrestlers "The Parkita" and "The Espectrito Jr." died of congestion visceral widespread in the Modern Hotel, Colonia Centro. The story was carried to the cinema in 2015 with the film Street of Bitterness.

Now you are Women are shown with branded items in your profile Tinder. After flirting for messages in the app, They cite their victims in a bar or restaurant in the Polanco. After a few hours, they wait for the the subjects invite home, where the drug themselves to steal their belongings and valuables while they are unconscious.

The first victim was a senior executive of a German company, Reports the Mexican newspaper. After talking for several days, he was quoted in the Restaurant La Buena BarraIn Polanco. The suspect was accompanied by two other women and after two and a half hours, the four went to their apartment in San Miguel Chapultepec. When he awoke, he had stolen his car, money and bank cards.

Denunciation of second theft It was reported 15 days later. A 25 year old man He also met three attractive women aged 19 to 24 years, but this time in the Don Quintin bar, in the colony Condesa. The rest of the story is almost the same, the victim passed out shortly after he reached his apartment and when he awoke, he had been their computers and money stolen.

The attorney said not yet They have made no arrestsBut the capital police already have identified the faces of the three suspects. In the next few hours, he said, they could exercise criminal action against two of them.


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