The police launched an investigation into the attack on Mayuko Matsumo of 82 years.


The language is rough cats to help remove hair in the process of grooming.

Japanese police opened an investigation into the attempted murder of a woman of 82 years. The main suspect is a stray cat.

As reported by local media, Monday Mayuko Matsumoto was found by her daughter with wounds on his face. The woman was in her home in the mountainous region of southern Japan Mifune. Immediately, the daughter called police.

"When we found her, blood covered all over her chin. His face was drenched in blood. I did not know what had happened, "said the daughter of the local radio Matsumoto RKK.

Initially, officials thought that the woman had been attacked by a third. However, they found no evidence that someone had entered the house by force.

Later, after analyzing the victim had cuts on his face, the police realized that the marks were like cat scratches, so they focused research stray animals wandering around the neighborhood.

After an intensive search, officers discovered that one of the cats had traces of blood on his claws so they took a sample to analyze the results and give an official statement.

Meanwhile, the victim was subjected to emergency surgery given the severity of their wounds. At the moment he can not speak.



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