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This Halloween, you may be thinking of scares from the supernatural world, but what about the much scarier, and much more real, technological one?

Otherworld, a new novel from Kirsten Miller and Jason Segel (yes, that Jason Segel), imagines a world not too far ahead of our own, one where virtual reality can become your only reality.

Inspired by the Oculus Rift, Segel and Miller have created a story that explores the darker side of technology. In Otherworld, a new set of virtual reality googles are being tested before hitting the mass market. When Simon’s friend Katherine, a nerdy gamer, disappears — kidnapped by someone or something inside that virtual world — he realizes this is far more than a game.

The novel, the fifth collaboration between Segel and Miller, is on sale Tuesday. But you can listen to an exclusive excerpt of the audiobook below, narrated by Segel.




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